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We DREAM ACHIVE EVENT are established since 2015 in Jaipur and known as Best Modelling Agency In Jaipur as well as Best Modelling Institute in jaipur since then, where most of the successful models started their journey, we have a vast experience of handling and doing castings of thousands ad- shoot coordination done by us, also approximately 10000 plus models have got their best path and career by us in this industry all over India and on international platform too, we share the most record numbers of successful models, super models, celebrities , actors and actress launched by any modelling agency in India alone. So we DREAM ACHIVE EVENT are mainly into launching models in the industry in the best possible way and mainly known as the best modeling agency in India for models to start their career

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Our agency’s Director MRS.SAPNA SEN who is also known as No.1 Portfolio Fashion Photographer and No.1 Groomer In India and who have brought phenomenal impact on models’ career and given them their due and deserving platform, Mrs.SAPNA SEN Portfolio is known as key of success along with his Grooming. MRS.SAPNA has been known as the most desired, respected mentor and Godfather to all the models those who have been successful and to those as well those all who want to become successful in this industry.

We DREAM ACHIVE EVENT are in top 10 modelling agencies in Jaipur and also known as top modelling agencies in JAIPUR RAJASTHANI and now  MODEL MANAGEMENT is in RAJASTHAN also probably the best modelling agency in JAIPUR now,

DREAM ACHIVE EVENT is your best platform , in this modelling world more than 99% models don’t know where to go ,where not to go in this field ahead , whom to contact, what all is required to be successful, how to start, how to differentiate between frauds and genuine ,how to make a good circle , what type of modelling will suit them and from where to begin their career and how exactly ? These are the common questions or hurdles all models get to go through in the beginning and DREAM ACHIVE EVENT is the answer to their questions and have all the best guidance and talents, vision and experience in making models successful by putting them on the right path and overall . So for those models who have real passion for modelling and want to make modelling a career DREAM ACHIVE EVENTis the answer and their dream and best modelling agency .